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While diet and exercise can certainly accomplish a lot when it comes to improving the overall look of your body, there are simply some issues you can’t get rid of either at the gym or in the kitchen. If you’re bothered by sagging skin, extra fat in certain areas, or a lack of curves, surgery is often the best and most direct solution, and Dr. Irvin Wiesman is ready to provide everything you need to achieve your goals. From liposuction to body lifts to tummy tucks and more, he can help you turn your dream silhouette into a reality using his personalized and comfortable approach to care. To learn more and get started, contact us today.

Why Choose Wiesman Cosmetic Surgery

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Body Lift

For many people who have recently lost a lot of weight, a body lift is the final step in their journey towards renewed health, wellness, and confidence. That’s because this procedure is designed to help those who have sagging or excess skin and fat deposits. It allows Dr. Wiesman to tighten various areas to create a trimmer and slimmer figure. He actually offers two types of body lifts, one for the upper body, which covers the torso, arms, and breasts, and another for the lower body, which can help with the waist, buttocks, thighs, and tummy.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Around the world, one of the staples of feminine beauty is a thin waist that expands into ample hips, but many women are born without this type of figure, and there are very few ways to achieve it naturally. That’s why the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBT) has become so popular over the years. With it, Dr. Wiesman can enhance and refine a patient’s buttocks and narrow their waist to create beautiful, eye-catching curves, all while using a woman’s existing body fat to give her the look she (and many others) desire.

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Buttock Implants

Do you feel like your pants are constantly falling off because of your thin, flat behind? Have you spent hours in the gym doing squats, and your only reward is larger legs? Buttock implants can help you get the volume you want right where you want it so that no matter what you decide to wear, it makes you feel stunning. Our buttock implants are custom-shaped to fit every patient, and the procedure is performed in such a way that only Dr. Wiesman will be able to see the minimal scarring.

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Vaser 4D LipoSculpt

Traditional liposuction involves physically removing unwanted fat from an area of the body to enhance someone’s appearance, but now, we can help patients become trim and tight in a much less invasive way. Vaser 4D LipoSculpt uses ultrasonic energy to literally liquefy the fat cells under the skin. This procedure is comfortable, precise, and dramatically reduces the risk of harm to the nearby nerves and blood vessels. Even better, after we’re finished, the results can be trusted to last for a lifetime with proper diet and exercise.

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Fat Transfer

Many women have looked in the mirror and thought, “Why can’t the fat I have here be here instead?!” A fat transfer procedure enables Dr. Wiesman to basically do just that: take unwanted fat and put it somewhere a patient wants more fullness and volume, whether it’s the breasts, buttocks, cheeks, or lips. Because we use a patient’s own fat, the treatment is extremely safe and can help someone accomplish multiple goals at once because it slims one area of the body while enhancing another.

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Did you know that it’s actually impossible to remove fat from a specific area of your body naturally? As we lose weight, it’s basically our metabolism and genes that determine where fat is eliminated. That’s why, even if you have a good diet and exercise regularly, you might have excess fat around your tummy, hips, arms, or thighs. Liposuction lets Dr. Wiesman accomplish what nature can’t—remove fat from a particular area—so that a patient can achieve and enjoy the shape they desire. 

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Thigh Lift

When was the last time you wore shorts or a skirt and felt confident? If you can’t remember because you always try to hide the sagging skin or extra fat on your thighs, then you’re far from alone. A thigh lift can give you smoother, leaner looking thighs that might be impossible to achieve otherwise. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get the highly-popular thigh gap, we can promise a firmer and more toned appearance that you’ll be more than happy to show the world. 

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Tummy Tuck

Sometimes, even losing a large amount of weight won’t get rid of persistent fat deposits located around the stomach and lower abdomen, but this is where a tummy tuck can help. This procedure involves Dr. Wiesman removing stubborn fat, tightening loose muscles, and getting rid of excess skin to help a patient obtain a sleeker and smoother shape. This treatment can also be tremendously helpful for women with stretched abdomens due to childbirth. 

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Upper Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

“Bat wings.” It’s a rather illustrative phrase that describes a problem many people have, as in loose skin and extra fat around the upper arm. It can develop due to both excessive weight gain and weight loss, so for some people, it’s just impossible for them to win! Fortunately, this excess tissue can be removed with an upper arm lift, evening out the appearance of the forearm, bicep/tricep area, and shoulder to produce a more streamlined and fit appearance.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Time and gravity can take a toll on every part of your body, even the areas that only you, your partner, and your doctor are allowed to see. Aging and the effects of childbirth can cause the vagina to develop loose and sagging skin that can make a variety of everyday activities uncomfortable or even painful, ranging from walking around to sexual intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation can be used to tighten and refine the different parts of the outer vagina so a woman can look younger and feel confident absolutely everywhere.

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Hand Surgery

Dr. Wiesman can help patients find relief from chronic hand and wrist pain by performing a variety of surgeries that are proven to treat conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, and more. He can also fix birth defects in the hand that might affect their appearance or ability to function. Dr. Wiesman has trained extensively in these types of procedures and is a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. 

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