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Tummy Tuck - Chicago, IL

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Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery can help you get rid of persistent fat deposits on your stomach and lower abdomen. If fat deposits remain even after diet and exercise, the surgery can remove the fat, tighten abdominal muscles and skin, and give you the slim waistline you want. Abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck from our Chicago, IL plastic surgeon is also useful if you have lost a large amount of weight and are troubled by loose folds of leftover skin.

Why Choose Wiesman Cosmetic Surgery

for Tummy Tucks?

Tummy Tuck Surgery Options

Person before and after tummy tuck

There are two main types of tummy tuck surgery:

  1. Complete abdominoplasty: During the procedure, Dr. Wiesman makes an incision on your abdomen just above the pubic area, where a bathing suit will conceal any scars. He then surgically removes fat, tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall, removes excess skin, and repositions the belly button. The whole surgery generally takes about two to three hours.
  1. Partial abdominoplasty: Also known as a "mini-tummy tuck," this procedure has a smaller incision and no relocation of the belly button. The whole surgery generally takes only an hour or two.

Abdominoplasty results in a flatter stomach and a slimmer waistline. With proper diet and exercise, these results can be permanent!

Tummy Tuck Without Post-Operative Drains

Person in need of tummy tuck pinching belly fat

A tummy tuck is one of the most dramatic and satisfying plastic surgery procedures. Patients are always pleased with their flatter stomach and smaller waistline. However, the one aspect of tummy tuck surgery that patients do not like is the need for post-operative wound drainage.

In the past, tummy-tuck surgery always required the use of drains after surgery. Staying in place for up to two weeks after the procedure, they were necessary to remove fluids. Some patients experienced soreness where the drains exited.

To eliminate patients’ discomfort, Dr. Irvin Wiesman has adopted an innovation that makes the use of drains unnecessary in many abdominal contouring procedures. He uses special sutures and a technique known as 'quilting' or partially closing the space where fluids accumulate. With little space for fluids to accumulate, the need for drains after surgery is eliminated. Dr. Irvin Wiesman is one of the few plastic surgeons utilizing this innovative technique. During your consultation with Dr. Wiesman, he will discuss this new technique with you to determine if it is right for your surgical procedure.

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