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Aging isn’t fun. It’s an inevitable part of life that you just have to get used to. The signs of aging are always apparent no matter where you look. But, just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you have to suffer from the effects it causes. At Wiesman Cosmetic Surgery in Chicago, IL, we know a thing or two about cosmetic, plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery (Yes, hand surgery. You read that right!). Our core values have never wavered when it comes to providing our patients with the best service available in the Windy City. We follow a strict system: WE CARE (Welcoming, Efficient, Comforting, Accountable, Respectful, Excellence). Everything we do revolves around you, our patient. Providing excellent service in a comfortable atmosphere is how we roll. It’s understandable for prospective patients to be a little wary of any surgical corrections to the face, including brow lifts from our Chicago, IL plastic surgeon. But, when you have a surgeon like Dr. Irvin Wiesman in your corner, you have nothing to fear.

Why Choose Wiesman Cosmetic Surgery

for a Brow Lift?

What Exactly Is A Brow Lift?

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Gravity is a very powerful force. So powerful, in fact, that it can cause your face to do funny things over the course of your life. It commonly shows in your forehead, where the soft tissue resides. It’s not just the forehead that’s affected. The immediate areas surrounding the forehead (upper eyelids and eyebrows) are prone to sagging. Nobody wants a face that sags, especially in the upper part of your forehead. It’s for this reason that a brow lift is the best procedure for those who want a more youthful look. The procedure tightens the soft tissues in the forehead to heavily reduce the signs of aging.

Reasons Behind Opting For Treatment

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You could choose not to do anything at all and live with a sagging brow. We won’t think of you any differently. But, if it’s something that is really bothering you, and you’ve given it some serious thought, a brow lift may be just what you need.

There are many reasons people choose this type of treatment:

Is It Time For a Brow Lift? Schedule a Consultation

Closeup of woman's eyes after brow lift

Deciding whether or not you could use treatment should be left up to you and our team in Chicago, IL. Dr. Wiesman will discuss your options first. It’s the easiest way to get that youthful look you’ve wanted for years. We welcome all patients scattered throughout the Chicagoland area, including Highland Park, Oak Park, Norridge, Glenview, and beyond.

Brow Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, gravity and muscle-use will show signs of aging that might feel too noticeable for you to look past, like wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Fortunately, a Brow Lift in Chicago can be used to tighten these tissues and reduce those visible signs of aging, restoring your youthful glow. You can learn more about this procedure by checking out our answers to some of the most common questions that we get from our patients below. Or, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out to our team!

What are some problems that a Brow Lift can help address?

Throughout your life, you express your emotions by furrowing your brows and scrunching your forehead, causing the muscles to scrunch up and create fine lines and wrinkles. Also, over time, gravity can do a number on this area of your face, weighing it down and creating a droopy appearance. A brow and forehead lift in Chicago can help address these common imperfections that could make you look older than you actually are:

Where does the doctor make the incision during a Brow Lift?

During a Brow Lift, Dr. Wiesman’s main goal is to remove any sagging, extra skin and tighten the remaining skin. He wants the results to look as natural as possible, which is why he uses these four incision techniques, depending on your unique facial features, to achieve the best appearance:

During your initial consultation, Dr. Wiesman and our team will discuss our recommendations with you.

How long does it take to recover from a Brow Lift?

Brow Lifts aren’t incredibly invasive procedures, and many procedures are able to recover within a couple of weeks, depending on their unique circumstances.

Can I receive BOTOX® injections after getting a Brow Lift?

The improvements of a Brow Lift procedure can last for several years, and by taking care of your skin by wearing sunscreen and quitting smoking, results may even be able to last longer. However, some patients choose to receive cosmetic injectables like BOTOX to help smooth out fine lines if they begin to appear years down the road, after their procedure.

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