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Breast Surgery - Chicago, IL

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Person's sie profile after breast surgery

There is a wide variety of reasons why a woman might want to undergo breast surgery, and it’s often not just to make them bigger. While breast augmentation can help many women achieve the curves they desire, others would like to reduce them due to back problems or because they cause feelings of self-consciousness. Breast surgery in our Chicago, IL comsetic surgery practice can also be extremely helpful for women with uneven breasts, those who have developed sagging due to pregnancy, or who have undergone a mastectomy. Whatever your situation might be, Dr. Irvin Wiesman is ready and able to help you achieve your goals just like he has for thousands of other women, and you can get started by contacting him today.

Why Choose Wiesman Cosmetic Surgery

for Breast Surgery?

Breast Augmentation

Woman's breast outlined by surgical markings before augmentation

A breast augmentation involves much more than just giving a woman implants. The size, as well as the shape and placement of the breasts can all have a dramatic effect on their overall appearance, and Dr. Wiesman does everything he can to ensure the perfect result for each patient. Whatever procedure you decide is best for you, he can give you a preview of the results with 3D Vectra® Technology so that you know what to expect and can feel excited about the future.

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Breast Implants

Closeup of woman's breast line after breast implants

Silicone and saline implants have been used for decades to increase the size and improve the overall shape of the breasts, and thanks to the latest technology and techniques utilized by Dr. Wiesman, he can tailor the procedure to drastically reduce the appearance of scarring while giving someone a natural-looking result that complements and enhances their unique figure. Whether you’re hoping to gain larger, shapelier, or more even breasts, Dr. Wiesman can make you look like you were born with the perfect bust.

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Breast Lift/Reduction

Woman wrapping bandages around chest after breast lift and reduction

If you feel the need to consistently wear shirts that are too big for you, skip out on physical activities, or if you've suffered from chronic back, shoulder, and neck problems for years due to overly large breasts, then a reduction might be just what you need to enjoy a more comfortable life and confident appearance. If sagging and unevenness are your issues, particularly after pregnancy and childbirth, Dr. Wiesman can use a breast lift to give you a symmetrical and balanced look that suits your body.

Learn About Breast Lift/Reduction

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