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In addition to cosmetic medical procedures, Dr. Irvin Wiesman also performs hand and microvascular surgeries here at the Wiesman Institute. Dramatic advances have been made in recent years in treating patients with hand injuries, degenerative disorders, and birth defects of the hand. At the forefront of these advances have been plastic surgeons. Dr. Irvin Wiesman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has completed a Hand and Microvascular Surgery Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis.

Why Choose Wiesman Cosmetic Surgery

for Hand Surgery?

Conditions Treated With Hand Surgery

Whether your hand problems stem from an acute injury or a chronic condition, Dr. Wiesman can help you overcome it and regain normal function. Pain and stiffness can stem from problems in the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels of the hand, but he’s able to provide whatever a patient might need. Over the years, Dr. Wiesman has been able to help patients dealing with the following conditions:

What to Expect When Getting Hand Surgery

The first step is to figure out exactly what is causing your issues in the first place, so your initial appointment with Dr. Wiesman will primarily consist of an exam and consultation. He’ll go over your treatment options and let you know if surgery is the best/only way to achieve lasting relief and restored function. If you choose to undergo a procedure, you’ll be given plenty of local anesthetic, but you’ll remain awake the entire time. Thanks to Dr. Wiesman’s experience and use of the latest techniques, you’ll find it easy to remain comfortable throughout the treatment. Afterward, recovery may take a few weeks to a few months and involve physical therapy depending on your situation.

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