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October 3, 2022

How to Protect Your Nose after Rhinoplasty

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Woman wearing a hat and sunscreen to protect nose after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Chicago is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. Countless people undergo it each year. Sadly, some of those individuals find that their nose suffers damage after their surgery, adversely affecting their appearance and possibly leading to the need for further treatments. How can you make sure that doesn’t happen to you? Read on below to discover some practical guidance on how to protect your nose.

Reduce Your Fall Risk

Because the nose sticks out from the rest of the face, it is very likely to get injured if you take a hard fall. It is especially vulnerable to damage in the months following a nose job in Chicago. Here are some tips to reduce your risk of falling:

  • If you drink alcohol, do so only in moderation.
  • Have non-slip mats or other forms of fall protection in your bathroom.
  • Try to always be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you choose to wear high-heel shoes, only use them to walk on flat, relatively smooth surfaces.

Protect Your Face During Physical Activity

Do you enjoy playing sports? If so, you may want to purchase a custom mask that shields your nose and the middle region of your face. It might look a little odd, but it can greatly reduce your risk of getting injured if a ball comes flying toward you.

You should also be sure to wear a helmet when appropriate, such as when you are bicycling, rollerblading, or playing any type of rough contact sport. A helmet with a relatively wide frontal area may be the best choice.

Minimize Sun Exposure

Sun exposure cannot change the structural alterations that were made to your nose. However, it might cause discoloration along your scar tissues or cause other pigmentation issues. Try to make it a habit to wear sunscreen on your face every day, even when the weather is overcast. Look for one with an SPF of at least 30. There are a lot of great formulas out there that apply smoothly and look good underneath makeup.

Because SPF usually lasts for just a couple of hours (and many people forget to reapply it), you should also consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat in the summertime. It can shield your nose from most of the sun’s harmful rays and be a stylish addition to your outfit.

Try Not to Cough or Sneeze

Forcefully coughing or sneezing could cause bleeding, particularly in the first couple of weeks after your surgery. They could also interfere with your procedure’s ultimate outcome. Try to be extra careful to avoid catching a cold or being exposed to allergens during the initial part of your healing period.

Following rhinoplasty, your nose should look great and function well for the rest of your life. Following the above guidelines can help to make that a reality.

Meet the Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Irvin M. Wiesman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with an impressive education and years of experience in his field. Rhinoplasty is among the many services he offers. If you have questions about this procedure or what to expect from it, Dr. Wiesman and our team would be pleased to speak with you. Contact us at 312-981-1290.

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