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May 20, 2023

What to Expect While Recovering from Liposuction

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Attractive woman after liposuction recovery

Are you contemplating the idea of getting liposuction? This procedure can help you get rid of stubborn areas of fat and achieve a shapelier body. But what kind of recovery can you expect after your surgery? How long will it take for you to feel normal again? This basic guide lets you know what to expect while recovering from liposuction.

Immediately after Your Surgery

Liposuction is usually an outpatient procedure, so you will probably get to go home on the same day as your surgery. This initial part of your healing period is crucial. Your surgeon will likely provide you with compression garments or elastic bandages. You must wear them as instructed in order to minimize swelling and encourage your body to contour to its new shape.

The compression garments might limit your movements a bit, but you shouldn’t be moving around a lot, anyway. For the first few days of your recovery, be sure that you get plenty of rest. You may need your spouse or another responsible individual to take over some of your household duties for a short period of time.

You can expect some pain and discomfort during your initial recovery. Medication can keep this issue to a minimum.

The First 1 – 2 Weeks

After a few days, you should notice a significant reduction in pain. Depending on the nature of your employment, you may be able to return to work sometime within the first week. (If your job requires a lot of physical activity, you may need to take some extra time off.) You will need to continue to wear your compression garments.

Weeks 3 and Beyond

Most patients are completely pain-free about one month after their surgery, though there may still be some mild swelling. At this point, you may start to see the results of your surgery. After swelling completely subsides, you will get to enjoy the full results of the liposuction.

Four weeks after your surgery, it should be safe for you to start a light exercise routine, though intense physical activity should remain off-limits until you are completely healed.

At the six-week mark, you may no longer need your compression garments, and your surgeon may remove restrictions on your activity level.

Remember that Every Case Is Different

The above information is simply a general overview of the liposuction recovery process. Keep in mind that your experience may be different depending on your age, overall health, and the techniques used by your plastic surgeon. Be patient with the recovery process as you confidently look forward to enjoying a trimmer, shapelier figure!

Meet the Practice

Dr. Irvin M. Wiesman is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Chicago area. He proudly offers liposuction, fat transfer, and other procedures that are designed to help patients feel confident in their bodies. If you have questions about any of the services offered by Dr. Wiesman and our team, contact us at 312-981-1290.

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